I Hate the New Kanye?

To say 2016 was an up and down year for Mr. West may be an understatement. He released the critically acclaimed The Life of Pablo which was only exclusive to Tidal initially, but still managed to stream over a quarter of a million times when it was. He released a few different versions of the evasive Yeezys which always seem to set the sneaker community ablaze, and we all know people who would sell their souls just to grab a pair. Everything seemed to be great in the world of arguably the most controversial entertainer alive: he had a number one album, his fashion influence grew, he and the Kardashian clan were seemingly more successful than ever before. Kanye sprinkled in a Twitter rant here and there, but come on! For Kanye, that’s just the norm. So when did it start to go downhill for Mr. West?

On October 2nd his wife the notorious Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed at gunpoint. Some believed it was a hoax: many said, “well here goes Kris Jenner stirring her sick, twisted plot of controversy for viewership.” Others were anxious and worried. Swarms of followers sent prayers to the modern day Marilyn Monroe. People are still pretty undecided on whether Kim was robbed or not. It was after this though, that things seemed to take a turn for Mr. West, as he shockingly called out his Big Brother.

After turning up, Kanye then went and turned all the way up! He attacked the Carters, Zuckerberg, the radio, and subsequently cancelled the rest of his tour and was checked into the hospital.

The funniest thing about this is first he wanted Jay-z to come and visit: a mere phone call angered Pablo. However, in this rant he begs Hov to just call him. But I digress, many of us act as if this outlandish behavior is coming from some new person. Rumors of mental illness swirled, the usual illuminati theorist used these rants as solid proof. But, isn’t this new Kanye, the our kids never played Kanye, the spazz on Jay Kanye, just like the old Kanye? Remember when Dave Chapelle told us about his first time meeting the GOAT of getting everyone tight?

Next, let us look at Rocafella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke, and Dj Vlad discuss how Kanye has always been…well, Kanye!

We’ve even heard Jay say Kanye has always been like this in his interview with The Breakfast Club. The fact that we think we’re meeting some new Kanye is just comical. We also forget Kanye has spoken out at a plethora of different award shows. He has made just about every award show producer anxious, and or held them hostage, because they know his face means ratings, but his voice means repercussions. Kanye has always been the outlandish, flamboyant, boisterous, insane, sophisticated, paradoxical, dynamic genius we have come to love. Can any of us name one genius that ain’t crazy?

This conflict with Jay-z was a long time coming. Many were unaware of the friction, but they just didn’t read the signs. Kanye and Jay hadn’t been working together as much as they normally did: no Jay feature on Yeezus or Pablo, and no Kanye production work on MCHG. I get it, sometimes the sounds don’t match, nothing may have been suitable for Jay on Pablo or the angry, aggravated, polarizing Yeezus. Jay clearly went in another direction sonically for Magna Carta, but still three albums and zero features? I could divide! That’s zero. None! If we were to ask Kanye “what’s up with you and Jay man are ya’ll ok man?” A “yup” would surely be a dubious reply.The two reportedly almost came to blows during their Watch the Throne tour, and quite frankly there have always been reports that Jay just finds Kanye to be annoying as hell. This tension has been getting tighter and tighter for years, so its really nothing new if you’ve been paying attention.

Since her birth Jay has tried to shield his daughter from headlines, and the Carters do not like stories about them they have not started or cannot control. So, by dragging Blue and Bey into these headlines Yeezus may never walk side by side with his idol Jay-Hova again. We may never get Watch the Throne II, Mr.West has burned that bridge with Jay, and scorched “the Throne.” I expect some great music to come out of the trouble Kanye has been having though, because this same formula laid the foundation for his magnum opus My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye West is again the abomination of Obama’s nation, and as this nation looks at him with disdain in it’s eyes he will again rise to the occasion, and fight to win back America’s heart.¬†Controversy, pain, loss, contempt, and grief beget great art for the man with 21 Grammy awards and counting. We may never know what Kanye West will say next, but I guarantee you it will parallel his past.


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