I’m so appalled. Spalding ball, balding Donald Trump taking dollars from y’all. Wise words from a once decent man? From afar it seems like we’ve come a long way from the man who once coined those lyrics on the classic album entitled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. According to our 45th president Donald Trump, the rapper and he are now great friends. The question is what seems to have changed from Kanye’s initial statement, deeming Trump to be a thief, to now being a person of “great” companionship.


Trump as Time's Person of the Year


Sometimes we give celebrities too much credit and not nearly enough credit for being the flawed human beings that we all are. Donald Trump is often referred to as a “master of the media”, a man with the ability to bring out the uncut truths in people. We have all heard Kanye be referred to as a “musical genius”. When celebrities contradict themselves these days, we often run to the comments sections and our outlet media of preference to attempt to decode what is “really happening”. The bottomline is we give celebrities like Kanye West and Donald Trump too much credit for being intellectual when in all actuality, they are just plain and simply two walking contradictions who just so happen to be a match made in heaven for the entertainment world that are these United States.

Sure, Kanye West may very well be a musical genius but he doesn’t have nearly as much grasp on his own mind that his fans seem to believe they have on it. Kanye’s musical talents will not be brought into question here. What is in question is how genuine his newly expressed political thoughts are. Kanye West claims that it is important to have a direct line of communication with the new upcoming president in order to express concerns about today’s social issues including bullying and other multicultural issues.




New Flash! These issues aren’t new. These issues have been here for decades. Why is it so important now for Kanye to speak with Donald Trump about these issues when for the past 8 years we’ve had a multicultural president who’s wife happens to be FROM THE CITY OF CHICAGO. Maybe it’s because….

Kanye West hasn’t met with a public official in Chicago or any sort of representation of government from/for the state of Illinois to speak on the violence in Chicago. He hasn’t aligned himself with a governor, senator, congressman, nothing like that at all. The fact of the matter is Kanye West didn’t go to the Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump to speak about multicultural issues and violence in Chicago. He went to the Trump Tower to take pictures with Donald Trump in order to stroke his own ego.

Ego! That brings us to Donald Trump, the “master of the media”. You might ask why would Donald Trump meet with Kanye West. Simple and plainly, while Kanye used Trump for his own personal ego, Trump used Kanye like he’d use anyone else from any other culture who would be low enough to speak with him. It’s all for exposure. Trump isn’t a master of anything. Maybe he will be soon but as far as right now, he’s just a racial issue exploiting instigator. Race is and has been the hottest issue in this nation for as long as anyone can remember. Trump doesn’t care for America as a whole. Not nearly as much as he cares for becoming the biggest name in American history and if people like Kanye West are willing to assist in helping the misinformed get lead down a dark path of regression then so be it. Trump used his voters just like he used Kanye West. An empty promise of if you side with Trump you too can become better; better than every other country, better than every other race, better as a person by putting more money in your pocket. Trump took advantage of the American people, including Kanye West because of their own ignorance and naiveté. Some don’t understand how difficult governing is and the others don’t care. They only care about what standing with Donald Trump can do for them and how it makes them feel superior. We’ll all soon find out that not only did Google and radio lie to us (Kanye’s words) but so did our future president and beloved musical genius. Wake up Mr. West.


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