Sir Carter and Rumi

Allow them to introduce themselves….America’s royal babies, the world’s most elusive yet famous twins are finally revealed!


At midnight, Beyoncé woke the world, and put everyone into formation by finally giving us a picture of Sir Carter and Rumi! Me and my brother Manny wish the Carter family nothing but love, and happiness. However, it took them a while to get back to this place of love and joy but Jay and Bey showed if you work at it true love can conquer all!

Things looked dim for the Carters after the elevator. The world’s most famous couple is also the world’s most private couple. Most would say the perfect couple, until TMZ released that video of Solange obviously lambasting and physically attacking the cool calm God MC himself. Beyoncé stood there still, but the world was frantic.

“I guess the Carters are not so perfect after all”

“hahaha see you never know what happens behind close doors”

“I told y’all they don’t really love each other”

It seemed as if people were excited. Pretty sick the world we live in right? But people seemed overjoyed that perfection for Jay & Bey was just a mask.

After that, rumors swirled of an inevitable divorce, because of Jay’s alleged infidelity with Rachel Roy, and there was also the party rumor.

This marriage clearly was struggling and they had to struggle in the public eye with the world watching, staring with some even hoping the couple would fall apart. They went on tour together, and Beyoncé cried during some of her performances. We now know what we thought all along: those were real tears.

Lemonade dropped, and people were then positive that Jay had been unfaithful to his wife. Although some like me thought the Carters were just marketing geniuses. That is still true, but Lemonade truly came from Beyoncé conquering her pain and feelings of inadequacy brought on by her husband’s infidelity. So much of the imagery on the “On the Run tour”, and even in subsequent visuals were emblematic of death: It felt like death for Beyoncé but she truly showed that Beysus is capable of resurrection. Everyone stood behind Bey’s display of strength, and wanted to crucify “Becky with the good hair.” Rachel Ray got lambasted first. Poor her, people did not realize she was not Rachel Roy. Rachel Ray had no clue what was going on, but she was met with the wrath of the Beyhive.


I find it funny people thought “Becky with the good hair” was an actual woman. I think it was an emblem, watch Power, read the Bluest Eye and then maybe you’ll understand just how deleterious this country has been when it comes to black women and beauty standards.

Hov never confirmed nor denied his infidelity. Until he dropped his most personal, and touching album yet 4:44. This wonderful album was a victory in vulnerability for the Greatest Rapper to ever live. Plus he furthered my inference that “Becky with the good hair” was not based on an actual woman, because Hov seemingly confirmed he cheated with many women. It is not easy for men to love. Men are erroneously conditioned to be emotionless, loveless: society falsely teaches men that emotions are feminine and then it falsely claims that anything feminine is weak. We teach men that strength and toughness are in contradistinction to emotions. Yet we don’t see this is hypocritical: football players are some of the strongest and emotional athletes there are. You can be strong, tough, and emotional. You can be what the fuck you want, that’s what we mean by freedom at the GroupChat!

Men are supposed to hide their emotions and feign apathy, but a great man once said “you can’t heal what you never reveal.” Hov makes his own rules, and this is why I have always admired the Gawd! Remember he is “never going to jail” so what makes any of us think society can constrain him? He showed his greatest feat of strength in his illustrious career: he did not justify his actions, he owned up to them apologized and admitted how much he loved his wife. He didn’t care how it looked, he didn’t care that people would see the heartless man that put a knife in Un’s chest has a heart, a broken one at that. How many of us men could risk their masculinity like that? Doubt I can to be honest.

But now man oh man! As members of the HovHive can you believe Jay-z has a son? The heir to the throne is here we shall always address him as Sir Carter. Not Sir, or SC that is Sir Carter! WE MUST ALWAYS SAY HIS FULL NAME. Jay-z has long wanted to be a parent, but a son is special to him, because he always wanted to be able to have the coveted father son relationship he never had with his dad. Moreover, I love the name Rumi anyone familiar with the famous poet by the same name? Jay-z recently referenced him on the 4:44 album, so make no mistake that he had some influence in picking that name, just like he did in picking Blue’s remember Jay-Z Blue? I think it is wonderful Beyoncé allows Jay to have so much input on the babies names, because usually the mother wants to name the children, and she deserves that hell she carried the babies for nine months.

We are all happy to see the Carters and their children happy and healthy: BOOM SHAKA Blue got BARS BY THE WAY!

Good luck on being a dad Hov and remember…

”Promise to never leave em, even if his momma tweakin’ cuz my dad left me and I promise never repeat em, never repeat em…”


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