The Mission

The Group Chat Site was created because Manny&Marv got sick of sharing their thoughts with only themselves, and everyone has private group chats with friends, family members, and co-workers so why not have a public one? M&M aren’t fans of “hot takes,” they provide fresh takes! They’ll give you the real, and honest truth about it all: sports, pop culture, film, music, TV, you name it!

Manny brings a wealth of personal knowledge of the sports business to the site with a college degree in sports management. In addition to working experience, Manny has ties with numerous, respected  professional sports agencies and marketing firms all throughout the east coast. He has spent extended time in the nation’s capital in Washington D.C., where he volunteered at the White House on behalf of one of the NFL’s wellness programs. This provided him with a unique perspective on not only sports, but the political climate as it stands. He is an avid wrestling fan (HHH is the greatest thing that has ever happened to sports entertainment! Do not fight him on this.) loves music because who doesn’t, and is an admitted pop culture addict.

Marv is currently working toward law school, and has his bachelors degree in english, digital media information & communication, and philosophy from one of the biggest universities in New Jersey. He’s a manager at a movie theatre, and has some unique informed philosophical thoughts on just about everything under the sun. Marv is most appreciative of the greats and when he speaks of the greats he’s probably talking about Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z, Tom Brady…yeah that kind of great!

Manny & Marv hope to bring the world thought-provoking, uncensored, and enjoyable content that everyone can connect with. So, free your mind, and join us on this crazy mission!