Matt Hardy and Neville on the Brink?


Matt Hardy and Neville may be on the road to new found stardom. These two superstars seem to have reestablished their way into the hearts of the WWE execs and staff members as well as the WWE fans.

First, let’s think about Neville and the not only kind but inspiring words from the WWE’s very own general manager of Raw, Kurt Angle. Angle as you may know, has a long list of accolades that concludes with the title of WWE Hall-of-Famer has an opinion that is well respected in the world of wrestling (although those eyeballs of his scream complete lunatic to me, but I digress). The point is, compliments given in the words of (and I’m paraphrasing), “potential to crossover into the main stage and into the heavyweight division” as well as being handed down comparisons to the great former champion, Rey Mysterio, are nothing to absolutely gloss over. The King of the Cruiserweights is on his way to expanding his rule over all of the WWE.

While his mic skills lends itself to being a super heel right now and into the future BUT if Neville is going to crossover, a heel cruiserweight in the title race for either the WWE or Universal Championship would be unprecedented. It is not yet known how it would work or go over with the fans. We could infer that the crowds would be totally on his side but is that what the creative team wants? Doesn’t seem to matter these days when it comes to crowd reactions, i.e. Roman Reigns and John Cena. All things in perspective, Neville is a near-perfect villain, but if he is going to truly crossover, his mic skills must improve as a face. His in-ring skills are without a question amazing and has potential to captivate a main event crowd, yet where some believe he lost his luster and interest, aside from injury was where he became a “fringe-face” superstar. Neville’s miniature stories/rivalries gave us little investment as well as his spotty bookings in ladder matches to add spice kind of just went by the wayside for a while. It was unfortunate but we’d be lying if we said as a whole, the universe was clamoring for more Neville. NOW! Oh my god! (Joey Styles voice) We want Neville! Neville may not be “next in-line” so to speak with a one on one with Brock Lesnar though now that I am writing sounds like a pretty dope matchup, Neville is on his way to superstardom in the WWE if he can just stay the course and continue to gain the respect the respect of the fans as well as the wrestling insiders like Kurt Angle, Triple H and most importantly Vince McMahon who still seems to have the final say in those type of calls around the organization.

DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Step aside Brother Nero, there is a new star in the family. This may be wishful thinking but we have been getting a fair amount of Hardy Boyz action lately, but we all wouldn’t mind seeing more Matt Hardy. Hasn’t he earned at least one step closer to a consistent stay at the main event stage as an individual? He has built his fan base from the ground up. He has reinvented about three times already, maybe more and it has always worked. He has bent over backwards for the company on numerous occasions and the fans would love it if he was repaid for that type of loyalty. For christ’s sake he has had his personal life exposed on national television in the most embarrassing way possible with the whole Edge/Lita debacle. Very entertaining for us, subsequent nightmare for them.

Bottomline, he’s earned it and by it I mean……….IT! (Jericho voice). In all seriousness, “it” can mean a slew of things such as a title shot for one of the individual titles, U.S., Intercontinental, etc., or we can and hear me out on this one Vince, embrace the “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick. The fans love it! It’s a fun character, we must admit. The Broken Matt Hardy image has potential to be Mankind-esque from the late 90’s Attitude Era. Broken Matt is captivating and hardcore. This character can work in the WWE if executed with serious intentions. Think Bray Wyatt but even greater. Nothing against Bray, but the Hardy fans and the Broken Matt fans specifically are just rabid. A Matt Hardy resurge will undoubtedly be an electric spark to the New Era of wrestling. Neville and Matt Hardy, potentially the future of the WWE, who would’ve thunk it?

Wrestlemania 33 Review and message to the WWE Universe.

It’s important to understand the idea of looking at certain things through the scope of a child. Especially when considering the “New Era” of wrestling in the WWE. The constant complaining from the adult fans of WWE and professional wrestling is counterproductive to the growth of the sport. Let’s begin with Wrestlemania 33. While the event had its flaws and I must admit as a long-time fan, had a less than stellar lead-up to the “biggest night in sports entertainment” with its questionable card and seemingly head-scratching planning, let me say that was one of the best Wrestlemania productions I have ever seen. Visually, it was spectacular. Conceptually, though I wasn’t too fond of the “ultimate thrill ride” slogan at first, it was in fact the best phrase possible for this event. Wrestlemania 33 was a rollercoaster. It had its highs and lows, loops, turns, and moments where you just wanted to throw up. Looking through the lenses of a younger self, I would definitely say that there would be times where I felt the anticipation building to a crescendo in my mind, there were times where I would feel fear and the anxiety of the unknown. Picture your first time riding a rollercoaster. For me at least, Wrestlemania 33 felt the exact same way, but only contrasted with the feeling of nostalgia.

Let’s all admit it. We were wrong about Shane McMahon versus A.J. Styles. Not only was it a great match, it was dare I say, a phenomenal beginning to the show. I knew Shane had skills but damn! Shane McMahon is a true professional wrestler. O.K. maybe that’s hyperbole but he’s better than I thought at pure wrestling. You have to tip your hats to Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Nia Jax for the match that they put on that night. It was a completely different feel to the old women’s wrestling matches at Wrestlemania. With this one, I honestly can say that I was into this match for all the right reasons. As cliché and off-putting as it might be, there were so many moments in the match where it wasn’t about the gender of the wrestlers, but their actual ability out in the ring. Now from here on out let me preface this by saying I may not have been pleased with all of the outcomes to these matches but I was extremely pleased with at least 90% of the performances and the entertainment value of it all. It’s why we watch people. What a return that was by the Hardy Boyz. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say that I was completely in shock and was loving every moment of it. Jeff Hardy can still fly! The entire moment nearly brought tears to my eyes. Without question, The Hardy Boyz return was the single-best moment of Wrestlemania 33. I can’t say enough about the way it was presented and the performance in itself. I couldn’t have asked for more in that match in particular. At this point, watching Triple H performances is like watching wrestling perfection. I would need one of you wrestling hipsters who hate everything but continue to watch with help in critiquing Triple H versus Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania because for me it was nothing short of perfect from the entrances to the sequences of both performers. Since no one will say it, I will! Randy Orton matches are becoming stale! Just like his mic skills. We see the same moves over and over again. There is only but so many times the RKO can come “out of nowhere” before I can see the RKO coming. Thank God for that Bray Wyatt visual. The most entertaining part of that match I would say were the sudden projections of the things I hate most in this world. Insects. It was so gross but still something captivating about the camera flips and the way the projector shown off the ring. Is it me or could you hear a collective gasp from the crowd when it first happened? So perfect. I loved that idea and I think the WWE creative should tinker with that idea even more in the upcoming Smackdown Live shows. Don’t worry haters, not too much longer until I give you guys the talking too you so desperately need. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg! Bravo! Goldberg you finally took a bump after all these years. Not bad for a dinosaur. I must admit the anticipation heading into this match is always great even before whatever that B.S. was at Wrestlemania 20. The match left a little something to be desired but we all knew what it would be at its best. It was never going to be Ricky Steamboat versus Ric Flair or anything classic like that but it was….cool. I would’ve loved to see Brock finish Bill off with a spear, giving the old man a taste of his own medicine but hey, it was still an O.K. job if I do say so myself. Last but certainly not least! The Deadman is no more. The Undertaker’s career in the ring is now over after being defeated by the one you love to hate Roman Reigns. I personally thought it was a great way to go out. From the second biggest surprise of the night for me, Jim Ross coming out to do commentary for Taker’s final match to Roman Reigns’ powerful final spear to put away the Phenom and King of Wrestlemania.

Okay! Do you people even remember why you hate Roman Reigns so much? Is it still because the WWE has decided to push him like he was the second coming of John Cena or is it something else? I think we need to give the Reigns hate a rest. The kids love him and I must admit he is pretty fun to watch live. The only problem I have with his character is that I believe he should be Heel but it seems as though the WWE may be heading into that direction by the way they chose to display Reigns at Wrestlemania. There was something sinister about those repeated chair shots to Taker’s spine, but I digress. It’s time the older fans stopped trying to ruin all the fun for the children because they need something to push their insecurities on too. This CM Punk mentality of, “management is destroying the artistry of wrestling and I am going to cry, kick and scream about it until I get what I want”, should really be put to rest. The New Era was built to cater to a wider range of fans. The main focus is the kids because they are the ones who will remain loyal and buy merchandise. Simple! We may not like everything but can we at least not be so cynical about everything wrestling? I like the direction that the WWE is going in because it seems to be designed for longevity. There clearly isn’t one voice that runs everything anymore and that’s great for change. WWE is here for the long haul, not just for those ages 21-40 who just take to twitter to expose every flaw in the business. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s funny but most of the time it’s just a bunch of tools whining because their hero and the poster boy for depression, CM Punk told them too. Bottomline, is if no one will do it, I will. Let me say thank you to everyone involved for making Wrestlemania 33 what it was and once again restoring the excitement and love I have for wrestling. I look forward to what the rest of the year in the WWE has to hold.